The Tibetan Mastiff is a highly intelligent breed, a loyal companion, willing to put it's life on the line to protect you. The Tibetan Mastiff's regal stance and beauty are obvious! The Tibetan Mastiff is not for everyone and anyone considering a Tibetan Mastiff should be willing to devote time into it's socialization, care, and training. In recent years the Tibetan Mastiff has become more and more prevelant and there is "huge" competition among Tibetan Mastiff breeders, particularly those more concerned with showing and making a name for themselves. I believe that "CHAMPIONSHIPS" can be "bought" and place more emphasis on the dog itself, after all, isn't that what should be the focus of anyone's breeding program? It takes a lot of time and effort to constantly try to be "number one" in the show ring and it requires a "guardian attitude" which I feel is not worth the time and unconstructive criticism of others to achieve. Click here for available puppies Kesang Camp

All future puppies will be sold as pets (no papers), to GOOD HOMES, NOT SHOW BREEDER HOMES, because of the deceitful business practices, treatment, and hypocritical information in my opinion that I have been given by several breeders and their friends that condone the behavior I have experienced with them while being told that I should just "suck it up". They have lied, and cheated me and no dog is worth giving up my morals or ethics to deal with any of them Their are plenty of good dogs out there so I refuse to support the bad breeders. It's not the dogs that are bad, it's the people breeding them like puppy mills just to make a living off them. Please feel free to contact me and I can share emails with you regarding their behavior. You could pay more from show breeders for the same lines; buy why? These dogs are part of our family, sleep inside at night and are free to come in and out of the house during the day

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